22 ways to note that tells you have changed and grown.

It’s 2019 the year that has been, to some it has gone by a blink of an eye to some it has been pretty much a slow year.

To majority it has been a year of stretching discovering growing elevating and changing.

No matter what goals you planned during the year whether you have achieved it or not there is still time because I personally believe time is an illusion that limits people to do the unthinkable.

Anyway I have listed down key notes that tells you’ve grown and changed in a positive way. Please note this is more of my own research.

Let’s dive into it

  1. You have developed a strong relationship with God, you have come to fully trust and acknowledge him and understand his ways.
  2. You don’t tolerate any negativity around you. If it’s not building you or helping you. You don’t want anything to do with it.
  3. You have developed faith over fear. Where in the past years you had fear now you have faith that everything will be fine.
  4. You judge less. When before you were full of judgement now you’ve come to learn that everyone has a different story so you judge less.
  5. You are more of yourself. You are not afraid to be yourself and express yourself.
  6. You are now more aware of most things that are happening around you.
  7. You are now more focused on what is positive rather than what is negative.
  8. You have learnt to forgive and let go easily.
  9. You laugh or smile alot.
  10. You are more outspoken and open minded.
  11. You see inspiration in most things.
  12. You have a different perspective and views on most things.
  13. You see possibilities where you saw impossibilities.
  14. You dream big and not afraid to air them out.
  15. Your circle has changed.
  16. You speak faith and purpose.
  17. You start valuing yourself.
  18. You are willing to learn and want to know more.
  19. You want to break free.
  20. You want to change the world.
  21. You love and appreciate easily.
  22. You see good in others.

Comment if you can relate and remember this is to some to others it’s still a process but remember you are getting there .



The God’s Daughter


I want to believe that it’s everyone’s dream to travel the world.Go to different countries, meet new people, share ideas, learn, grow spiritually learn new languages, try new food (for foodies like me) among many other things.I have spent close to 3 weeks now and i must say Visiting Machu picchu was on my bucket list for a long time.There are a number of reasons why this beautiful gem In a cloud forest just abit of the Amazon exist.

It is also considered one of the 7th wonders of the world. I’ll give a detailed on how we got there and various ways to get there.There are two ways to getting there by hiking which takes 5 days to get to Machu picchu which you have to book months before the trip and then what we did, which was do a train.We did the sacred valley on our own, which we found better rather than doing tours, no offense but we really don’t fancy tour groups. We did the sacred valley from Pisac to Ollaytaytambo.

Getting there.

By train.

You can book train tickets to Machupichu from anywhere but the prices varies from where you board your train. What we did is book the train ticket from Cusco.There are two railway company Peru rail and Inca rail.

Depending on when you want to travel the prices varies. We opted for Peru rail as at that time there was an offer. We booked for an afternoon one departure and an early morning return. So 1 pm departure and 8 pm return. The price tickets for a return was $100. We had to spend the night in Ollaytaytambo to explore the town more the following morning and depart at 1 pm same day.

Also need to buy tickets to enter Machupichu best time for entrance is morning as there are not so many people there.The train takes almost one and a half hour to 2 hours with a couple of stops. It quite scenic you move in between valleys and mountains but really beautiful.

Upon arrival you arrive at a small very touristy town Agua Caliantes depending on your entrance ticket to Machupichu you can use the train from cusco or wherever get to Machu picchu explore the head back to Cusco.

It’s very much possible.

Arriving at Agua Caliantes you can choose to hike up Machu picchu or do a bus which cost $35 per person. And the hike is like 2 hours up and the bus is 30 minutes up.

What we did was we took the bus up but opted to hike down which helped with the costs. When visiting you need to wake up almost 2 hours early to catch the bus as when you get to the bus station there is a huge long line, good news is it moves really fast and there is a bus every ten minute to pick up people.

Things you need to know.

  1. This is something I wish I knew when visiting Peru, be covered up your arms and legs no matter how hot is stay covered up to avoid bein bitten by small bugs. They ay it’s mosquito but I call them vampire mosquito,yes it that’s bad. You don’t see them but you’ll notice on your skin small bumbs and it’s itchy and painful. So no shorts no dresses no skirts no shirts.
  2. It’s quite expensive getting to Machupichu save up. From entry tickets train tickets accomodation and bus tickets.
  3. Go early better yet be among the fast people to arrive, high chances you’ll get good pictures better experience because there would be not so many people but in the afternoon tends to have lots and of people.
  4. You are only allowed to stay in the ruins for 4 hours as there is a section one can not allowed to go back.
  5. It’s definitely worth every penny every time and every effort.

Be sure to take such lovely pictures.

Adios and Bon voyage


The God’s Daughter